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Dragon's Tail

I know  I've been bad about keeping up with this – sorry, life :( But, I just uploaded a close up map for the Dragon's Tail mountains that you're headed  towards (not the teeth). Please look at it, and let me know if you have questions!

First Session Notes!

Our first session opened with the characters reveling at the Adventurer's Guild. The Adventurer's Guild, in Cystern, is the place to go for people whoa re both natives and not so native to find work and to make themselves known.  

Nero, a human, is standing at the job board, searching at it intently as if he could find the answer to some secret within.  On his belt is a piece of obsidian, carved like an arrowhead.  At the bar is another man, trying to use his wit and charm to sway the mistress who was tending the bar. Her name is Jezebel.  A tabaxi, clearly not from the city by his wide-eyed gaze, stands within the entry way.  A dwarf sits down at one of the central tables, laughing and making merry with his friends and playing cards.  

Garrick, the man at the bar, notices the trinket that is at Nero's hip and wastes no time in making his way stealthily over to the other man. Nero is far too focused to notice the light-footed thief, and the piece of obsidian is snatched away.  Garrick sneaks back off to the bar in a terribly unconvincing drunken stupor to again try to woo Jezebel, who sees right through his tricks.

Nero notices that his obsidian is gone and calls out that someone has robbed him.   The proprietess of the Adventurer's Guild in the city is a halfling woman by the name of Merrian Pennyweather- even with her diminutive size, she is a force to be reckoned with.  Image result for halfling womanShe is wearing a purple cloak with a scarlet dress, and wastes no time at all in jumping on top of the bar and demanding from all in the bar that the doors be slammed shut and that no one be let in or out until the thief who stole Nero's trinket is found.  The doors slam shut, and Jezebel helps her in looking through the faces surrounding the bar to see who may be suspicious looking. Dune Jumper and Halfbjor rush to Nero's side, eager to help search for the lost item.  Garrick, realizing that he would be in hot water should anyone find out that he was indeed the one who took the trinket, made quick work of putting it on the floor and miraculously finding the lost item, returning it to its owner.  As a thanks to the whole group for finding the missing item, Merrian brings the group to one of the back rooms and presents them with a bottle of lavender wine, something of which the city itself is famous for.  Dune Jumper gets to experience the wine for the first time, finding it to be an extremely worthwhile experience.  

Merrian explains that this is the last bottle of the lavender wine.  It seems that Nathanius, the proprietor of the Silver Wolverine Barrel, has had the misfortune of having his bees disappear, and all of his lavender die.  Merrian informs the group that if they wish to experience the lavender wine again, that they should get to the bottom of the bee disappearance.  The party heads over to the Silver Wolverine Barrel, where they meet Nathanius, the innkeeper . Image result for aarakocra manHe seems like he has definitely been affected by the loss of his lavender and the bees – the characters find him neck deep in a mug of ale, drunk off something that smells like it should come from a cask rather than from a fine winemaker.  Nathanius explains that his lavender plants just died, and when they died, the bees left.  He isn't sure what to do, or what he can do to make them come back.  

The group goes back towards the lavender fields, a circular patch that usually is awash in purple blooming flowers and the buzz of bees.  Today, though, it is eerily silent.  After examining the plants, it was discovered that the bases of the plants looked like they had been eate, left for the rest of the plant to die.  Looking underground, Dune Jumper exposed a series of tunnels appropriate for a small creature to burrow underneath the lavender plants.  Garrick went to go investigate a beehive, and within it discovered a dead gelatinous being, looking almost like a tadpole, but uglier.Image result for slaad tadpole

This one was dead, and when cut open revealed that the creature eats honeycomb – its stomach was full of it.  Halfbjor threw down a pile of the honeycomb inside the creature to see if they could attract more – it didn't work.  so, the group tried to put down fresh honeycomb.  Sure enough, another 6 of them popped out and attacked!  The party dispatched with them rather quickly, and brought proof of the demise to Nathanius, who suggested that they bring it to the attention of the royal shaman.  

The party elected to try to contact their own sources within the city, all of which directed them to see the shaman at the Solaris Arcanum.  The party went there, meeting for the first time the Royal Shaman, Vargan.  Image result for orc shaman

Vargan explains to them that these creatures, and appearances of this type, have become increasingly common due to people dabbling in arcane magics.  He explains that arcane magic is still unpredictable, and can cause rifts between planes.  

First Session

OK guys – our first session is going to be on June 8th, at 730 til whenever :) It will be the intro session, and to get you oriented with the world.  

First session with take place in the city of Cystern, in the town of Berristan.  Before that, please have your backstories posted on the website and a bit about your characters.  Please email me or text me with questions.

Welcome to Penitar

Welcome to Penitar.  It is a land of opportunity, of adventure and of trial.  It was born in flames and in the sea, and it will always welcome you with open arms.  Whether or not it kills you afterward, that has yet to be seen.  the world is still young, and as such you, dear adventurers, will be the ones to shape it.


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