Halfbjor Oath-Keeper


4’9 with Brown hair. One Gold eye and one blue.


Halfbjor Oath keeper is a Shield Dwarf Paladin. He is the youngest of a family of 8. His twin brother Fulbjor and he were born in to the world at exactly the same time by c section. Their mother and father raised them, along with their 6 sisters, in strict religious adherence to the codes of Iza . At the age of 30 he was sent to the Temple of Iza to train as a cleric. Halfbjors natural charisma and strength ,however, proved to be anathema to his studies in the wisdom of the gods. He instead spent most of his days wooing temple priestesses, brawling in local taverns, and training to wield the only weapon he thought useful in defeating evil: His Great Grandfather’s Greatsword, Starfall. 20 years later he has finally decided to leave his monastery and prove himself wor thy of wielding this mighty blade.

Halfbjor Oath-Keeper

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