Deities of Penitar


Russe – Godess of flight and the wind

Zorn – God of stone and earthquakes

Fuir – god of fire and volcanoes

Iza – goddess of water, ice, and snow

Nord – god of northern storms

Sud – god of southern gales

Vest – goddess of the western breezes

Eesa – goddess of the east winds


Fortuna – goddess of luck and lyrics

Deacon – god of faithful and purehearted

Lokat – god of trickery and disguise

Elnore – goddess of lying and gambling

Crystelle – goddess of healing and medicine

Mjoltnir – god of war and pain

Herka – goddess of knowledge and books

Perrio – god of bards

Wulf – god of fighting and strength

Danda – goddess of parties and wine

Tyrna – goddess of parties and wine

Flel – god of farming

Urbin – god of fish and fine women

Gazren – god of sun and plants

Nocht – goddess of moon and stars

Persia – goddess of the desert

Heiwei – god of travelers

Artemis – goddess of hunting and the hunt

Ystriel – goddess of life and birth

Hanrur – god of death and dying


Danrir Glittergold – god of gnomes

Melodius Tinderbell – goddess of halflings

Erendel Moonseer – god of the elves

Morodir Anvelforge – god of the dwarves

Cryshnil – goddess of the humans, the “mother”

Faerow – god of the humans, the ‘father”

Rhodishgralsvar the Undying – god of the dragons

Tykitikin – god of the kobolds

Karakesh – goddess of the tabaxi

Vane – god of the crystele

Gilthresh – goddess of the Frostkin






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