Tryste is a continent that, until recently, has been primarily a continent of divine magics – clerics, druids, and paladins.  Lately, there has been much done in the research into the arcane magics – mostly by accident.  The first spellcasters are only just beginning  to emerge, and make their mark upon the world.

Racially, Tryste is a very diverse continent. You will find every race on the continent, though not necessarily in every country.  We  will go intoRaces on another page.  

Tryste is surrounded on  all sides by water, and in the winter sometimes an Ice Bridge forms, connecting Berristan to the Southern Ice.  The technological level is akin to that of medieval Europe – torches, fire, bows and arrows.  Guns  and steam have yet  to be discovered, although magic is becoming swiftly a means to get ahead in the world. 

The countries in Tryste are Sabir, Xorn, Quoll, Parsen, Ischer, Elderfield, Berristan, Lexor, Koron, Muir, and Cormoran.  

Off the coast of Tryste lie the islands of Xim, Xam, the Shipwreck Isles, the Isle o f Oracles, Phrum, Cecily, the Isle of Stars, Barebone Prison, Panam, and Lecher.  


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